Thursday, 8 December 2005

Knick Knacks

I wonder why some people treat working spaces as spaces to go on the prowl for dates? Don't they know that this is so daft, especially when the targetted ones are clearly not interested? To make matters worse, you enrol some sistas in your mission? How laughable, as you come over with that visible band of gold on your left hand - the dead giveaway, that you're playing away from your home turf?

Don't you understand, that a simple hi would do.

That we don't have to flirt to engage with each other?

That you can be interested in knowing me, without it being sexual?

That sometimes it's just not cool to be insistent.

That sometimes the whole checking someone out, getting to know one another shit, followed by disappointment is old, tired, dead and buried?

I don't want married guys, guys with partners, guys with regular fuck buddies, guys with illusions of grandeur, insincere guys. I don't want guys with the cheesy lines, heavy on innuendo, driping gold, garlanded with cologne that's like the cookie cutter of colognes i.e. worn by most if not all guys. . .I don't want any of that.

Because I'm not like that at all. And guys, surely we can all do better. I think in the name of 'sameness', manliness etc. the original, super duper guys have been lost. Now they're all like Marie biscuits. Eyes lighting up at the exposure of leg, flesh, breast etc. (often unintentional), never seeing past the boobs to the brains....

Anyhoo, I digress, this post started out as something totally different.

On another note:
Always speak up and speak out, it could save a sista (totally as an aside)